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Where We Are

There are over 600 Rescue Tube Stations on beaches throughout the U.S and Canada today.

Thanks to our pioneering efforts on Kauai, there are also Rescue Tubes guarding the
beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui and Oahu in Hawaii. The Rescue Tube
Foundation is now also spreading this lifesaving program to the U.S. mainland, with
Rescue Tubes now placed on beaches in North Carolina, Florida, South Dakota
(on a lakefront), and California. Rescue Tube Stations can also be found on the

Sunshine Coast of Canada.

Contact us today to learn more about how to introduce Rescue Tube Stations in your community!

Rescue Tubes on Kauai

(250 stations in our pioneering location)

Kauai Floatation Devices prromoting water safety and reducing drowning deths per year.

Rescue Tubes Around the World

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