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Why We Do It

RESCUES Using Rescue Tubes

Our Rescue Tubes have been used in over 200 rescues. All known rescues using these Rescue Tubes have been successful, and no rescuer has been injured while using a Rescue Tube. These are just a few of their stories. To learn more about implementing a Rescue Tube program in your community, contact the Rescue Tube Foundation.

Firefighter Family Save

Family of 5 rescued by off-duty Firefighter using two Rescue Tubes

Hawaii 2014

Couple pulled out at Larsen’s Beach, Kauai

Husband saved by Good Samaritan using a Rescue Tube 2016

“Quite frankly, I thought I was drowning.  All of the sudden, out of nowhere, is this guy with a Rescue Tube. He was just there.”

“This guy saved my life. I’m not melodramatic, but this guy absolutely saved my life.”


Newlyweds saved by Good Samaritan using a Rescue Tube




Christmas Eve 2013


Brothers saved by their father using a Rescue Tube

Kauai 2010


“Waves the size of school buses. My sons knew they were going to die, without the Rescue Tube they would have.”

Spitting Caves Save

Spitting Caves Rescue 


Oahu, Hawaii 2017

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